Hi-Trace - Thermal Diffusivity

Thermal Diffusivity

The aims of this work package led by LNE in collaboration with ArianeGroup, CEA, FHWS, JRC, TU Graz, NETZSCH, VINS are (1) to establish a reference facility for the traceable measurement of the thermal diffusivity of solid materials at temperatures up to 3000 °C and (2) to determine the uncertainty budget associated to the thermal diffusivity measurements at highest temperatures.

Thermal Diffusivity Apparatus

The work will be split into three tasks:

  • the development of reference facilities and methods with calibration procedures by extending the measurement capabilities of LNE’s diffusivimeter, which are currently limited to 2000 °C, up to 3000 °C,
  • the metrological assessment of the variability and coherency of very high temperature (up to 3000 °C) thermal diffusivity measurements performed at the European level, through a comparison of the existing and developed facilities by the partners (TU Graz, FHWS, JRC, ArianeGroup, CEA, VINS) with the reference diffusivimeter of LNE whose measurement capabilities will be enlarged in the framework of this project.
  • the application of the methods on industrial materials. The aim of this task is to apply the reference facilities and the developed methods to the characterisation of materials used at very high temperature (up to 3000 °C) in real industrial applications. The same materials will be also tested by the academic and industrial partners after having “calibrated” their diffusivimeters in their operating temperature range, by using the results obtained by LNE on the solid homogeneous materials

Bruno Hay (WP leader)


The project will establish new methods for characterising the thermophysical properties of any solid material up to 3000 °C, and launch a network of reference facilities and materials available to industry. By supporting reliable measurement practices, this project will improve the understanding of high-temperature materials and enable industries such as the aeronautics and energy sectors to develop novel and innovative materials)


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