Hi-Trace - Emissivity & Temperature of Fusion

Emissivity and Temperature of Fusion


The aims of this work package are:

  • to establish a reference facility for the traceable measurement of the emissivity of solid materials above 1500 °C based on radiometric or calorimetric methods using pulse or induction heating and
  • to use measurements from this new facility to compare results of total hemispherical and normal spectral emissivity measurements obtained with existing facilities.
  • to develop validated methods for the measurement of the temperature of fusion of refractory materials up to 3000 °C.

The work will be split into three tasks:

  • the development of reference facilities and methods with calibration procedures
  • the metrological validation of the developed methods with uncertainty budgets
  • the application of the methods on industrial materials

Klaus Anhalt (WP leader)


The project will establish new methods for characterising the thermophysical properties of any solid material up to 3000 °C, and launch a network of reference facilities and materials available to industry. By supporting reliable measurement practices, this project will improve the understanding of high-temperature materials and enable industries such as the aeronautics and energy sectors to develop novel and innovative materials)


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Bruno Hay

Jürgen Hartmann

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