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Day of technical exchanges — Thursday 11th March 2021

The European Technical Committee for the Standardization of Advanced Technical Ceramics (CEN/TC 184) invites you to a day of technical exchanges.

As industrial actor or researcher organization this day is organized for you.

Presented European H2020 research projects:


  • The scientific community will report on objectives and progress in their H2020 program activities and the potential impact on standards for advanced technical ceramics
  • The standardisation bodies will highlight the essential elements for improving existing standards and drafting new standards based on results of these programs.

You can find further information in the flyer .

Hi-Trace, one year of research and development

The Hi-TRACE project is composed of four work packages, one for each thermophysical property: thermal diffusivity (WP1), specific heat (WP2), emissivity & temperature of fusion (WP3), thermal contact resistance (WP4).

A lot has happened since project kick-off. For all interested we wrote down everything in a newsletter.
Here are a few keywords:

  • Reference facility for thermal diffusivity measurements up to 3000 °C
  • Pulse heating facility for specific heat measurements above 2300 °C
  • Experimental Platform for dynamic material research ExdyMa
  • Drop calorimetry for specific heat measurements up to 3000 °C
  • Inverse heat transfer models for quantifying thermal contact resistance in layered materials at high temperatures

You can find these and other research highlights, as well as the Scientific and industrial impacts of the project our newsletter .

Group photo, 2nd-Progress-Meeting
2nd progress meeting

The Hi-TRACE consortium meet in London (UK) at NPL in December 2019 for discussing the progress of the project. Additionally, an advisory board took place at NPL at the same time in order for efficient consideration of industrial needs within the project.

Please contact juergen.hartmann@fhws.de for more details

1st progress meeting

The Hi-TRACE consortium meet in Belgrade (Serbia) at VINCA in April 2019 for discussing the progress of the project and for establishing a detailed work schedule for the next working period.
Additionally, the next meeting of the advisory board in December 2019 has been organized. Interested companies are still welcome to join the advisory board and to participate in the meeting.

Group photo, 1st-Progress-Meeting

Group photo, Hi-Trace kick-off meeting
Hi-TRACE Kick-Off

The project started in July 2018 with a kick-off meeting in Paris (France) at LNE. Hi-TRACE project is looking for industrial stakeholders to participate to an advisory board, once a year.


The project will establish new methods for characterising the thermophysical properties of any solid material up to 3000 °C, and launch a network of reference facilities and materials available to industry. By supporting reliable measurement practices, this project will improve the understanding of high-temperature materials and enable industries such as the aeronautics and energy sectors to develop novel and innovative materials)


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